Arminé Manukyan

Arminé Manukyan was born in Armenia into a family of educators, and has had a passion for education her entire life. She graduated from Yerevan State University with a Master’s Degree in Education and Human Development, and received her second Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from UMASS Boston. She is also a licensed Principal with the MA Department of Education. Arminé became the Principal of the Erebuni Armenian School in 2008, after volunteering for many years as a teacher. While teaching, she sets high expectations for the students; she challenged them and created a positive atmosphere to make learning more fun. Arminé is a strong advocate of strengthening student-teacher-parent relations.

She has many years of educational leadership expertise and business acumen.

Ms. Manukyan’s work has been multi-faceted and student centered from the start. Her experiences as an educator, have led to the development of methods that serve to inspire and motivate students and teachers in classrooms, and beyond toward community collaboration.

She has written 3 textbooks which are being used by the teachers.

She always knew that she has passion and love for education, and working in Winchester School District helped her fall in love with school leadership. She realized once again where her heart is.

Ms. Manukyan knows every single student by first and last name. She believes that it’s a real positive, personal way to connect with the students.


Nelli Harutyunyan

I am Nelli Harutyunyan. I am originally from Artsakh. I have been an Armenian teacher at the Erebuni School for over 20 years.
Many know me as a teacher of the graduating class. I have countless graduates from the Erebuni Armenian School. I love and miss them every day.
I have been an Armenian language and literature teacher for many years at Y. Charents School in Yerevan. And, I was a language teacher to quite a few of Erebuni School parents when they were growing up back in Armenia.
I am known for my compassion, ղարաբաղյան հումորով, love for Armenian literature, love for my students, and my famous Jingyalov hats.
My beloved principal, Arminé Manukyan calls me “a treasure of the Armenian language and literature”. I love Erebuni Armenian School, I love its mission and teachers’ dedication. We work as a family.
We, as a team, work very hard to preserve our language, heritage, and the Armenian community. Erebuni has been a second home for me. I am grateful for the opportunity!

Gohar Markosyan

Gohar Markosyan

My name is Gohar Markosyan. I was born in Armenia. I graduated from Yerevan State Pedagogical University majoring in Mathematics-Informatics faculty. After graduation, I worked as a teacher at a secondary school in Yerevan. I taught mathematics for 15 years and tried to give each student an individual approach. I love teaching. My family moved to the United States in 2017 and immediately I joined Erebuni Armenian School wonderful staff as a substitute and a year later as a teacher. I am very proud that in the Diaspora I can make my small contribution in teaching our kids Armenian, helping them, to keep their identity and mentoring them to be a well-rounded person. I am married and have 3 children. I like reading, exercising and travel.

Emma Karoyan

Emma Karoyan

I was born in Yerevan. I graduated from the Yerevan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philology in the field of translation studies: French and Armenian languages. After graduation, I continued my education at the International Scientific Educational Center of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (NAS). I graduated from Department of Psychology with honors and received my Master’s Degree in Psychology.  While in NAS, I did my internship at Stress Center, and I worked in the school with hyperactive and difficult students. I’m also certified in providing first aid and CPR.

I want to work with kids because they are real and I love them, they know how to love unconditionally. I wish that the kids lived in a world of beauty, games, stories, music and art. I’ll develop their creativity, hard work and patience.  We will focus on interactive and hands-on activities in our classroom.

I’ll teach them to communicate, make friends, and learn to respect people.  I really enjoy reading and cooking. I’m very interested in ancient architecture and can spend hours reading and researching about it.

If you have any questions, concerns that you would like to share with me, please contact me.

Anush Manukyan

My name is Anush Manukyan. I was born in Armenia. I have graduated from the Yerevan State University, the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages. After finishing the university, I started working at the European Academy as an English lecturer for years. Concurrently, I provided private English lessons in different educational entities as well.

After 8 years of teaching different age groups of students, I started working at the Civil Registry Office of the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Armenia as a first-class specialist and then as an acting Head of the Department.

I moved to the USA in 2020. I am very excited to join the

Erebuni Armenian school and teach the children their mother language.

I am married and a mom of two boys. My hobbies are singing, spending time with my family, as it is the biggest gift for us.

Ani Baghdasaryan

My name is Ani Baghdasaryan. I was born in Yerevan. I moved to Boston this year, in 2021. I am very glad to be a part of Erebuni Armenian School to teach our students Armenian language. Teaching at Erebuni School is a great opportunity for me to educate an Armenian generation living abroad, transfer Armenian values, love and appreciate everything connected with the Motherland.
I graduated from the Yerevan State University Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of “ Translation Studies: English language and Armenian”, and Master’s degree in the field of “English language and Literature”. After graduation from Yerevan State University, I continued my education at the Educational Police Academy and received my Master’s Degree in the field of “Jurisprudence”.
I am the author of scientific articles that have been published in the “Bulwark of law” scientific-methodical journal. Through 21012-2021 years I worked as a Lecturer at the Educational Complex of Police of the Republic of Armenia. My hobbies are: reading, traveling and discovering new cultures and ways of life. Teaching is a fun, rewarding, honorable, and important profession. I am very passionate about my job and I know that it comes with great responsibilities. I show my caring by forming relationships with my students and trying to help them find their dreams and strengths so they can believe in themselves the way I believe in them. Either way they are the future and have unlimited value. I believe that a good relationship between the teacher and her students is built on a strong foundation of mutual understanding, respect, and trust. I’ll teach them to communicate, make friends, and learn to respect people. Each teacher must help students to preserve the heritage of the Armenian people, language, culture, traditions and religion. It is a great honor to work in an Armenian school, communicate with the Armenian community.
Arpine photo

Arpine Sargsyan

My name is Arpine Sargsyan and I recently moved to Massachusetts from Yerevan. A little bit about myself. I graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Bryusov and immediately after graduation started teaching English and Greek in Yerevan State Armenian-Greek College of Tourism, Service and Food Industry. While working at college, I entered the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia where I studied social-political sciences and gained Master’s degree in Public Administration. However, I got more focused on my teaching skills as I enjoyed interacting with students of various skill levels and backgrounds and felt very content facilitating them not only to learn foreign languages but also to grow and develop. Today, I have an experience of almost 13 years which taught me how to manage larger class sizes, how to encourage learning process using various interactive methods as well as technology, and, what matters the most, how to consider each learner’s age, psychology and personal needs while teaching them a language. I really feel great joy and enthusiasm that I’m going to teach Armenian kids our mother language, thus making a difference in the lives of kids in the Boston Armenian community.

Anna photo

Anna Yesayan

My name is Anna Yesayan. I was born in Yerevan. I graduated from the Yerevan State University of Economy with a Master’s Degree in accounting. After graduation, I worked as an accountant for 4 years in the Educational Complex of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. Also, I worked as an accountant for 5 years at State Humanitarian College in Yerevan. I moved to the USA in 2013.
I worked as an accountant for Friendly Care INC and for Boston College. Now I am working as an accountant for On-Time Payroll Services.
I am very excited to join the Erebuni Armenian School and teach the children the Armenian language.
Many of you may have seen me in the hallway on the bench and reading books every Saturday while my son was in the classroom. I have been tutoring math for children for years. I love teaching them.
I will develop their thinking ability and love for reading. I will teach them to be respectful to everybody, to preserve the heritage of the Armenian language, culture, traditions, and religion.
It is a great honor to work at an Armenian school. I have one son. My hobbies are reading, traveling, spending time with my son, teaching, and educating him as much as I can.
Ruzanna photo

Ruzanna Babajanyan

My name is Ruzanna. I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Management Psychology from Yerevan State University, with a qualification of a Teacher. I chose psychology, because I wanted to choose a profession that would give me great career prospects, and the knowledge gained could be used in any $eld. During my studies, I continued to learn about myself and how the human mind works in order to better understand why people act the way they do. As part of my internship program, I taught psychology at Quantum College. I have 6+ years of experience in the HR management $eld as a Recruiter, HR manager and the Head of HR department. I also worked in Dubai as a Supervisor. In additon to my passion for my profession, I have over 10 years of experience as a professional dancer. During my studies I created dance classes for students who were beginner dancers and had the opportunity to participate in di4erent concerts. I moved to Boston recently in 2023 and I am glad to be a part of Erebuni Armenian School.

Anahit K. photo

Anahit Kartshikyan
Music Teacher

My name is Anahit Kartshikyan, I was born in Gyumri, Armenia. In 1986, after graduating from Kara Murza Music College with honors I was part of the Leninakan Chambers of Orchestra where I had the chance to perform concerts in various cities in Armenia and Europe.
I continued my education in Yerevan and graduated from the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory in 1991. Thereafter, I taught piano at Kara Murza Music College in Gyumri, Armenia. In 1996, when I moved to Yerevan, I established the piano department and implemented their curriculum in Ajabnyak Educational Center in Yerevan where I taught piano until I moved to the States.
I have composed and published many piano pieces with lyrics within the last few years. I also published my first songbook called “Hogus Dzayn” in 2022.
As a member of “The World Association of Performing Arts”, I had the chance to participate in international musical symposiums, in many countries such as UAE, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, and Armenia. I was awarded the title of “best composer and songwriter” by the World Association of Performing Arts. In 2022 from the same organization I have earned the title of “Honorary Educator” (Վաստակավոր Մանկավարժ) for my 30 years of continuous work.
In 2023, I was awarded the “Komitas” gold medal for my work and contribution to the development of Armenian cultural life.
In April of 2023, I moved to Boston with my husband, I have 2 children, a son, and a daughter. I’m truly happy and excited to join Erebuni Armenian School as a music teacher. I have always worked with children. Teaching kids music has been my passion for many years and I would love to continue it here at Erebuni.

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